Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Ideal Call of Duty


You have to play through once in regular story mode.  After that one playthrough you unlock the following features:
  • Create-a-class
  • Arcade mode (like in CoD4)
  • Challenges (like in BO2 or any multiplayer)
  • A campaign profile to rank up (like in multiplayer)
  • Special Ops missions
The intel are located throughout the campaign and the Spec Ops missions, and they complement the story (extra videos, text) and/or complete challenges to rank up your single player profile.  Once you find all of the intel you unlock the cheats like in CoD4, but more:
  • Slow motion
  • Infinite ammo
  • Speed
  • Super jump
  • Cluster bombs
  • Bad day (enemies turn into tires)
  • A ragtime-warfare type visual
  • All specialist and/or chaos mode perks
The Special Ops missions complement the campaign story in the same way Milehigh Jack and Hostage Taker complement MW3's story.  They are either from the enemy's POV or an extension of the story.


All of the multiplayer maps playable with bots in an offline profile that can be ranked up and prestiged with challenges, pointstreaks/scorestreaks, create-a-class, just like in multiplayer:
  • All multiplayer modes with bots
  • Survival mode
  • Chaos mode (xp = score/1000)
  • You receive more XP with higher difficulty bots
  • A private match type of mode with everything unlocked, no XP earned, but lots of options for customizing survival and chaos (you choose the wave contents)
  • 4 player survival and chaos
And it's gotta have specialist.

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