Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thoughts on Black Ops 2's Micro-DLC (Bacon weapon camo)

I wrote a comment on reddit in response to what seemed like a general backlash over the introduction of mini-dlc packs into CoD's universe:
Some people are willing to spend quite a bit more money on Call of Duty than others and this is a way to for ATVI to find out who they are and actually get more from them in exchange for pretty insignificant in-game extras.
No one is getting ripped off. We're talking about voluntary exchange here. When you purchased the season pass you knew you were getting four map packs and you decided it was worth it. No one promised you extra camos and you're not getting extra camos for that price. Now they're offering extra camos as a separate DLC pack and everyone can evaluate whether or not this new DLC is worth it.

But then I watched PKA and Woody ranted about it:
I'm a season pass holder, I've been a pass holder since they invented the season pass...I'm a founder, I jumped right on board with that stuff.  And when I buy a season pass I expect to get all the DLC they come out with that year....Season pass means season pass, you get the DLC for that year.  Stop raping your best customers for more money....At some point you're just treating your best customers badly. At some point you're just chasing away the people who support you the most...What they've done is they've spent my good will.  I hope it was worth four bucks.

 My initial reaction isn't wrong, they did advertise the season pass as being only for the map packs, and no one is being forced to spend more money on the game.  But, it's that part about good will, about treating your best customers in a way that will let them know they are appreciated.  Invest in the long term viability of your product, especially when you have something like Call of Duty.

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