Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Call of Duty Ghosts - Squads

Squads is like BO2's Custom Games (Black Ops' Combat Training) and MW3's Survival mode put together, and you rank up and prestige the same profile in both Squads and multiplayer.


Official Squads trailer:

So it looks like Squads will be the Special Ops replacement and likely will take up a significant portion of my time.  Here's what was in today's reveal:

You create 10 characters to use in multiplayer - these 10 slots replace the normal Create-a-Class slots.  The 10 character you create for multiplayer can be used in Squads mode to play against other players or against AI.  You will earn XP and rank up your multiplayer profile in Squads, and all the ranking up and prestiging you do in multiplayer will benefit your squad for use in the Squads mode.

The AI dropshot, side-strafe, corner camp, jump shot.  The weapons and equipment you give your squad affect how they behave.  Very advanced AI.

Squad Assault
You fight against the squad of another player (without that player participating).  The opponent chooses his squads loadouts and the map and game mode.  You can play solo or with friends.  If the opponent's squad does well he earns XP.

4 player co-op mode inspired by survival from MW3.  Includes all the weapons, perks and streaks from multiplayer.  Safeguard also has field orders, and a timed "loot round" where I assume you pick up care packages from the support drop.  Survive 20 rounds to win.
Safeguard Extended - survive 40 rounds to win.
Safeguard Infinite - survive 100 rounds to win.
List of waves in Safeguard.

Squad vs Squad
Compete against other players one-on-one with your squad as teammates.

Choose 5 of your squadmates to play against AI in every multiplayer game mode.  Basically this is Combat Training or Custom Games, except you can choose the loadouts and streak rewards of your entire team which adds a larger team element.

The most XP you can earn in a game of Squads is between 2000 and 2500.  The cap is 2000xp, but if you have 1950 and you get a double kill in Search and Rescue then it will still add the full xp amount (250 per kill plus a bonus 50 I believe) onto what you have giving you 2500 in this example.  You also get a care package for maxing out the Squads mode xp in that game, and no xp will show up for kills from that point on in the game.

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