Friday, October 25, 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Safeguard

IGN previewed Safeguard this week, and while I'm not 100% certain this is the final form of Safeguard, the release date is close enough that it seems likely.  So here are some things I've noticed based on the video:

  • Like in MW3's Survival you do not get to customize your class.
  • Unlike in MW3's Survival there is no mini-map.
  • The first "Loot Round" lasts 25 seconds and has 8 care packages.  It also counts as a round, so the enemies start coming on round 2.
  • You can pick up 3 killstreak care packages.
  • You get weapon points in the top left, and it seems a hit gets you 10 while a kill gets you 20.  Except at the 3:00 mark he gets +30, +30 and +50, and I don't know why.  He was shooting a dog and the headshot counter in the bottom left stayed the same.
  • Weapon level-up tokens are dropped periodically from random enemies who you kill.
  • There are periodic "Ammo Resupply; Team Restock" times which happened in the video when the player picked up a support care package, and also when he got a weapon level up token.
  • The higher your weapon level the more damage it does.
  • There is no middle-of-the-screen XP like in MW3's Survival, but you are still earning xp that applies to multiplayer.
  • Enemies do not drop weapons.
  • The time between rounds is 20 seconds.
  • The Support Drop bar increases based on the entire team's activities and as soon as it's full it will drop.  The support drop is 4 care packages with either a weapon or perk.
  • There is no enemy counter.
  • Field orders are for everyone playing unlike in multiplayer where it's a suitcase for a single player at a time.  It seems the field order challenge stays until you complete it.
  • Bleed-out time is 25 seconds and you can still use your primary weapon.
  • The self-revive mechanic is calling in an AI friendly that revives you and any teammates that are down, and who will stay and help your team until it is killed.
The Squads trailer has a couple more items in it:

  • You can have more than one perk at a time.  (I presume you lose perks when you go down like in Treyarch's Zombies mode)
Some things I got from other videos:

  • Game Options include setting your max health and health regeneration speed.
  • Able to pick up 3 care packages, no more.
  • Calling in a helo scout transports you from wherever you are into the helo, and then you are dropped off back onto the map after 30/60 seconds.  Could be useful for tight spots.
  • Supply drops look to be about every wave.
  • Shotgunners are called 'Ravager'
  • Riot shield holding enemies are called 'Striker' (and they are the same character model as the shotgunners)
  • Enemy K9s are called 'Tower'
  • SMG holding enemies are called 'Enforcer'
  • LMGs are called 'Hammer'
  • Noob tubers are called 'Destructor'